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Bring on the Fall!

Hello to my beloved reader. How are you?

I have had a pretty fun year so far, in terms of performance (I literally always love to perform). I have been performing with Teatro Grattacielo in their concert series 'Ten Faces of Maria Callas' for her 100th birth anniversary. In November will be my second concert in this series (not including the preview in October at the Public Library of Harrison, NY!). I will be singing in their production of La Vestale by Spontini. I sang the role of Donna Anna in Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi International Academy's production of Don Giovanni this past June. I am happy to report that I learned so much and met so many new friends. This is a role debut and NYC debut that I will never forget!

I also performed El Himno Nacional de Chile and the Star Spangled Banner for the Chilean Consulate's Annual Independence Day Event on the Wavertree Ship two Sundays ago. I had recently obtained my Chilean passport and I.D., so it was a heartful welcome to the community. I was definitely nervous (and slightly sea sick), but once I had an empanada and red wine in my hand, I felt right at home! I was very proud to represent as a Chilean-American during such a festive time, and I made sure to express the joy I have going to Chile as much as possible to be with my family and friends. Viva Chile!

Oh...and I am entered in a horror contest called 'Face of Horror.' As per my first blog, I am a huge horror fan and took a chance entering in this spooky horror contest that is solely reliant on public voting. I am currently fourth in the 'Silver Bullet' round. Is this worth making a whole separate page on my site? Maybe! If you follow me on social media, you'll see more updates and see me on my journey! The link to vote for me is on this cute little button below that says 'Vote here.' All votes are appreciated!

Outside of this, I have been doing auditions, retouching my blonde hair (yes, I am blonde now- R.I.P. red hair, I will not miss how you stained everything!). I am also preparing to record at Skillman Music again, this time an update of 'Chi il bel Sogno' and some more arias and songs, updating my headshots with the fabulous photographer (and one of my dear friends) Tammy Lanham...all of this to audition for opportunities and possibly grad school.

Let me know how you're doing in the comments! Or reach out privately. Happy Fall :)

Love, Stephanie

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